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6 Study Techniques You Need For Prelims

Studying can feel like a chore! Sitting down to read over your notes is so tedious, and in reality you only retain 10% of the information. This blog aims to give you some fun, helpful ideas for making revision more memorable so that you’re not left feeling like…





Flashcards are great for studying alone or with friends and especially family- your younger sibling can even test you without having to know about the subject! A bit of a double whammy, the act of making the flashcards is a great revision exercise and once you’ve made them you’re ready to use them again and again to test yourself. Making the cards is quick and easy- just grab some scrap paper and cut it into squares or if you’d like to splash out, lined index cards can be bought from any good stationery shop or supermarket.


When writing your flashcards, go through your class notes and think about what questions someone could ask you from them. Write the question on one side of the card, and then write the answer on the back. You could also draw diagrams or tables and colour code the cards according to subject- the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve written them, you can test yourself or get someone else to (since all the information they need to decide if you’re correct or not will be on the card).


Mind Maps

Pick a main topic and write the heading in the middle of your page. From there, think about the main sub-topics and how they each branch out into mini-topics. Everyone has their own way of drawing mind maps, but ultimately they are a good visual aid (especially if you’re good at memorising diagrams and pictures) and can be used as prompts to point you in the direction of things to study in more detail.


Condensing Notes

Taking your class notes and re-writing them out in your own words is a really good way to check that you’ve understood the content. Once you’ve re-written them out once, keep repeating the process until you have a condensed set of notes which contains all the key points that you need to know. This way, you’ll be learning kinaesthetically by physically writing the notes and can use your key points to test yourself.


PowerPoints and Teaching

The best way to make sure you know information in depth is to teach others. Teaching your subject to someone who isn’t familiar with it can really show up areas that you need to revise and also helps you to retain 90% of the information. Teach your family and friends and if they can’t understand an area even after you’ve tried to teach it in a different way, go back and have a look at your notes again to make sure you’ve learned it correctly. Another great way to learn and teach at the same time is to make PowerPoint or Prezi presentations to use as an aid for teaching others. Try to not use your notes when writing these initially, and then go back through the presentation with your notes beside you to highlight any important areas you’ve missed out. Then you can use your presentation to teach others or use it as a fun way to revise yourself.


Memory Games


Memory games are different for each individual and you can make up your own as you go. Some of my favourites are making mnemonics (great for remembering smaller topics which make up one big topic) and Kim’s Game (great for lists). Mnemonics are really easy to make; they can be either a word or a phrase. E.g. MRS GREN for remembering the features of living things or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain for the colours of the rainbow. Kim’s Game involves writing out the list of things you need to remember (for example, the diatomic elements in the periodic table) and then covering them over, rewriting or reciting the list, then uncovering the original list to see how many you remember. The more you do this, the more you remember until eventually you know the whole list! This can be a fun game to play in study groups- make it into a competition with the person who remembers the most getting a chocolate or small prize.

Answering Questions

Ultimately in your exam, you’re going to be answering questions about your subject, so why not get some practice in beforehand? This can be done in many ways from answering past paper questions, to looking out questions from textbooks to writing your own. A good way to test yourself, and your friends, is to each write a set of questions on different topics. Swap these sets amongst yourselves and try to answer your friend’s questions. You could all meet to discuss and debate the answers (discussion helps you to retain 50% of the information). This is also a good thing to do before attempting past paper questions as it will ensure you are well prepared to tackle real exam-style questions with all your knowledge.


Hopefully this blog will help you prepare for your exams in a fun and efficient way. Remember to make sure to take breaks from studying regularly and to look after yourself (keep active and eat as healthily as possible). If you want any advice or have any questions regarding exams, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As university students, we were once in your shoes and still have exams to this day, so we’re well versed in how to ace them!



1. Everyone does worse in Prelims than the real exam. 

These exam results will almost certainly be worse than your real exam results in summer. And take a deep breath.. 

From Scope's tuition students over the past years, over 93% have improved their Prelim score to their real exams score

2. These exams have shown you exactly where your weaknesses are.

These exams are designed to identify weaknesses in not only your subject knowledge base, but also your exam revision, preparation and technique. Your results might look really bad on the surface, but maybe it is a simple fixable issue of revision style or maybe it is your exam or essay writing technique letting you down.
Sitting down and reflecting on what went right and what went wrong is the most important thing that you can do now that your results are in. 

3. These results are a call to action.

These 'real' exams start in 12 weeks. 12 weeks to organise, learn, perfect and improve. 

Harness the emotions of receiving the Prelim results, and convert this into pure motivation to improve your score. 

If you think you would benefit from the help of a tutor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

  • We are all medical students. 

  • We are the best value tuition service in Edinburgh. 

  • We offer a FREE assessment session. 

  • We can meet you at your home within 1 week of booking the assessment. 

Joanna joins Edinburgh Scope!


Joanna is currently in her second year of studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. She loves to tutor, having mentored younger students throughout school as well as teaching flute privately in preparation for ABRSM music exams. Before moving to Edinburgh, she lived and attended school in Dubai. Outside of medicine, she is a passionate flautist, having performed in numerous windbands and orchestras and achieving a distinction grade at Diploma level.  She also enjoys going to the university gym and exploring Edinburgh’s cafés! Joanna will mainly be tutoring biology, chemistry and mathematics with Scope.  

Academic record:
GCSE 11 A*s, 1 A: Mathematics, Science, Additional Science, Further Additional Science, Spanish, Art, Music, History, ICT, English Literature, English Language, French
AS Level 4 As, 1 B: Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Spanish, Mathematics
A Level 2 As, 1 B: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Thomas joins the Scope Team


Thomas is in his second year of studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh and is considering a career in the RAF. From the Edinburgh area, Thomas is familiar with the Scottish exam system and has previous tutoring experience through mentoring younger students in High school. Having dyslexia himself he understands how complex and demanding elements of all courses can be to someone with additional learning difficulties and he enjoys tutoring those with similar difficulties as well as those who don’t.  In his spare time, he likes to play rugby, be outdoors and spent time with friends.

Academic record:

National 5’s/Int2 8A’s; Maths, English, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Woodwork, P.E, History.

Higher 6A band 1’s: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, History, Human biology.

Advanced Higher 3A’s; Maths, Chemistry, History.

Hamish joins Scope Edinburgh!


After a busy start to this academic year, Scope is delighted to be welcoming more new tutors to our expanding team across Scotland. 

Hamish is currently in his 2nd year studying medicine at Edinburgh University; and his aim is to join the army as a doctor. The majority of Hamish’s previous teaching experience comes from training cadets and teaching them first aid; he enjoyed it a lot and so is incredibly excited for another teaching opportunity. Outside of medicine Hamish enjoys rugby, cricket and travelling. He is very much looking forward to meeting new people and helping them through exams.

Scope HQ is excited to welcome Alex to our team!

Alex Clark profile.PNG

Alex is a second year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. As a Scottish student, Alex has experience of the current system of Scottish exams and the Curriculum for Excellence. Outside of medicine, Alex is a hobbyist writer with a keen interest in poetry and literature. This translated academically into a 100% result in Higher Classical Studies (studied independently over 1 year) and into being used as an example for SQA markers as the author of a full-mark English folio essay. With years of experience as a debate coach, Alex aspires to teach and is in the process of founding a medical peer education society.

National 5 7A Band 1s: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Administration and IT.
Higher 7A Band 1s: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Classical Studies, Modern Studies.
Advanced Highers 3A Band 1s: Biology, Chemistry, English.

Anna joins the team!


Meet Anna - our latest expert French, Chemistry and Maths tutor!

Anna is currently in her second year of studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Born in Glasgow, Anna was raised bilingual thanks to her Italian mother. Anna has been tutoring for several years, including daily morning literacy lessons for a pupil with dyslexia and lunchtime Chemistry supported study during secondary school, and for the past year she has been tutoring maths in Edinburgh. Outwith medicine Anna loves spending time with her 5 flatmates and painting. Anna is also a passionate violin and piano player. She received teaching at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and currently plays in the Edinburgh University Symphony Orchestra. Anna is excited to be offering tutoring in Chemistry, Maths and French.

Academic Record:
National 5 8As: English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, Music, Art
Higher 6As: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French Advanced Higher 3As: Maths, Chemistry, French

Another Tutor joins our Edinburgh team: James!


James is currently in his first year of studying philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Before coming to Edinburgh, James lived in Durham where he studied GCSEs and A levels, and supported younger students through a peer-tuition scheme. Outside of academia his main interests are in sport; particularly football. James will be tutoring English, History, and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies.

Meet our latest Tutor - Luke!

Luke is currently in his third year of studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh and has opted to take a year out in order to study for a second degree in biochemistry. Before moving to Edinburgh, Luke lived in Wales where he volunteered as an assistant leader in a local cub/scout group. In the future he hopes not only to practice in medicine but also to take on a lecturing role at university. Outside of academia, Luke is a passionate runner and cyclist. 

Academic record:

GCSE 6A*, 3A’s: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, German, History, English Language, English Literature, Business & Economics

A level 2A*, 2A: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Scope hosts 140 students for Medicine Practical Day

Applican Practical Day

Scope Sponsored Event

Scope are very proud to have sponsored a fantastic event on the 4th June 2017 with a worthwhile social enterprise, Applican. Scope's leading tutors, Jack and Erin, pioneered this event that saw 140 students across Edinburgh learn about the application process to Medicine before learning some clinical skills such as blood pressure, neurological exam and first aid. The day took place at the 300 year old Anatomy Lecture Theatre and at the Edinburgh Royal Medical Society. 

At Scope, we aim to deliver a holistic approach to tuition, meaning we help our students achieve their career ambitions that extend beyond external examinations. 

If you are interested in the Applican courses, or UKCAT tuition that is offered through Scope, please get in touch!

Medicine Practical Day

Scope's tutors, Erin and Jack, will be organising and running an exciting, unique event in Edinburgh on the 4th June 2017. This event is being held at the Royal Medical Society at the University of Edinburgh.

The day is suitable to anyone who is interested in a career in Medicine (S4, S5, S6) and is completely free to attend. We will be spending the morning learning practical skills such as measuring blood pressure, applying casts and basic first aid. In the afternoon the focus will be on how to apply to medicine: personal statements, UKCAT and interviews! Lots of interaction, refreshments and an attendance certificate for all students who attend - this promises to be a fun day!

This will be a first come, first served event. With limited spaces please do book on the free course as soon as possible!


Scope Tutors Edinburgh is proud to collaborate with our sister company Applican to create a comprehensive and affordable UKCAT course that is running across the UK in August 2017. 

Scope Tutors will be providing the personal tuition for students who would like dedicated and intense preparation before the important test day and who cannot attend the Applican Course. UKCAT tuition will cost £60/hour in Edinburgh and £50/hour over video conferencing. 

Emily joins our team!

Emily is currently in her first year of studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh and is interested in global health and mental health. Before moving to Edinburgh from Newcastle, she supported younger students with their studies in sixth form and is excited about continuing to help others succeed academically whilst at University. Emily will be tutoring French, Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Maths with Scope. Outside of medicine, she is a member of a choir, several charity groups and is learning Swahili.

Medical Student Tutors: What School Grades do they get?

This week Scope welcomed 3 more tutors to our team, bringing our total number to 10. So we thought it would be interesting to see how many qualifications 10 medical student tutors could collectively muster up..

We are medical student tutors who clearly know how to get the top scores in exams!

If you would like tutoring help with one of our amazing tutors, we offer a free assessment session and are the best valued tutoring service in Edinburgh.

Expert Chemistry Tutor - Meet Kritika!

Another Tutor has joined our team this week - meet Kritika Kalia!

Kritika is a third year medical student at the University of Edinburgh, enjoying her first clinical year. She hopes to become a doctor in cardiology or transplant. Kritika originally moved from India to Northern Ireland, aged 5, and her family has now settled in London and Norfolk. Outside of medicine, Kritika is the president of the volunteering society Project Mongolia, which fundraises to support summer camps for disadvantaged children from labour backgrounds, living in the impoverished Ger district of Ulaanbaatar. She visited the country herself in summer 2015 to teach first aid to local factory workers. Her charismatic chemistry teacher at school led her to completely change career paths, from previously wanting to do law. She subsequently set up a mentoring scheme to help students bridge the gap in knowledge between GCSE and AS level chemistry.

Exciting update from Scope HQ - Erin joins the team!

Erin is in her second year of studying medicine and is interested in emergency medicine so far in her medical studies. Growing up in Scotland, Erin is familiar with the education system here and has excelled in her own academic studies - winning the Stellar Award twice from West Lothian Council for highest attaining student in the authority. She will be tutoring with Scope in Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Philosophy. Outside her university studies, Erin is a competitive swimmer and teaches swimming in her spare time.

Erin is in her second year of studying medicine and is interested in emergency medicine so far in her medical studies. Growing up in Scotland, Erin is familiar with the education system here and has excelled in her own academic studies - winning the Stellar Award twice from West Lothian Council for highest attaining student in the authority. She will be tutoring with Scope in Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Philosophy. Outside her university studies, Erin is a competitive swimmer and teaches swimming in her spare time.