National 5 Biology
As medical students, our tutors are experts at teaching all of the biological processes that are on the National 5 specification for Biology. 
The course itself encompasses several important learning points ranging from the cellular processes of respiration to the mechanisms of breathing to the structure of a tree's roots: the biology specification is complex and exciting. 
Many students struggle with the coursework component of Biology National 5 - Scope have a bank of many past successful coursework pieces and know all of the tricks to complete coursework success. 

Higher and Advanced Higher Biology
The biology specification overlaps hugely with the MBChB medical degree that all of our tutors are in the process of. From the functioning and anatomy of the human heart to the cellular processes of photosynthesis; the Higher Specification at SQA presents many challenges for students. 
The course work presents a particular challenge at Higher level - with students often being left to independently create their own project. Our tutors spend every day of medicine researching and analysing academic papers and formulating reports: exactly what the course work is. We are the perfect tutors for helping with Biology coursework!

Scope Higher Biology Mock Examination

The following exam is only available to Scope students. Please ask your tutor for the password.