National 5
Chemistry at National 5 level presents an opportunity for students to explore the basic concepts and everyday life of chemical interactions. Scope's tutors believe the best way to learn Chemistry is to get a sound understanding of the periodic table and the elements. We then divide our teaching and revision into 3 simple areas: equations, definitions and experiments. A sound understanding in these 3 areas guarantees success at National 5 Chemistry. 

Higher and Advanced Higher
Chemistry at this level demands a deeper knowledge of the interactive process of chemicals and how they impact the environment. A resolute understanding of the nature of elements, bonding and chemistry's core principles is required and our tutors prioritise ensuring this knowledge in the tuition. The coursework for Chemistry at this higher level can prove a difficulty for many students - the independent research required can be daunting! Our medical student tutors spend every day finding and analysing research papers for their degree - exactly what is required for the coursework section of Chemistry at Higher level!

Scope Higher Chemistry Mock Examination

The following exam is only available to Scope students. Please ask your tutor for the password.