National 5
National 5 Mathematics is arguably one of the most important qualifications in Scotland: requested on almost every CV and job application - getting a pass in this qualification is vital!
Mathematics at this level is typically split into two general areas: numeracy in algebra and geometry. A solid understanding of algebraic techniques is pivotal to success in National 5 however this is underpinned with a core ability in non calculator and mathematic technique. Scope's tutors have developed a solid preparation plan for all of the topics in National 5 Maths and have accumulated a significant bank of practice questions and papers!

Higher and Advanced Higher
Mathematics at this level presents a more complex and challenging approach to understanding including: mechanics, statistics and algebraic functions. We believe that practice makes perfect - as well as supporting our Higher Maths students through each topic, we provide many practice papers and help students perfect their exam technique at Higher level. 

Our Higher Maths tutors in Edinburgh are experts at examination preparation. This includes a bespoke mock examination prepared by our team.

Scope Higher Maths Mock Examination

The following exam is only available to Scope students. Please ask your tutor for the password.